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Deformity Correction by Limb Reconstruction System

Deformity correction procedure is a surgical adjustment of a bone that either grows incorrectly as a result of certain inborn condition or functions abnormally due to accident. Corrective surgeries are also performed in the incidence of limbs including ankles, knees or legs growing at incorrect lengths or angles. Advancements in medical industry has led to invention of surgical procedures and innovative devices that provide relief by reducing the bone deformity problems faced by several patients.

Arogyam Superspecialty Hospital specializes in performing surgical procedures like LRS( limb reconstruction system) , HTO (high tibial osteotomy) specially in young patients of knee arthritis. These are popularly used by orthopedic surgeons as a versatile fixation system for managing fractures, bone deformities and related complexities. We specifically address deformities by performing knee and bone correction surgeries.

Expert surgeons at Arogyam Hospital operate on bone deformities and perform limb and leg lengthening surgical procedures to ensure stability, adjustability and functionality of the bones as during natural course of action. Our surgeries are aimed at facilitating free movement of the bones through scientific and systematic approach considering the center of rotation of angulation (i.e., CORA) method of mechanical and anatomical axial planning.

The Limb reconstruction method ensures a minimally invasive surgical procedure for deformity correction by avoiding damage to the neurovascular structures. Our cumulative years of experience counts for our proficiency in providing error-free deformity correction surgical solutions to our patients.

Experience the "deformity / limb length correction" success with us and walk confidently hereafter.

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Dr. Ritesh Meghare

Is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with interest in Knee and hip replacement, he has exposure in treating trauma cases.