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Spine Micro Surgery

Spine holds you high, care for it.

Spine surgery is performed to minimize the pressure on the spinal nerve column and relieve patients of the unbearable pain that is usually caused due to herniated lumbar disc.

Unlike the traditional spinal surgeries that included large incisions and longer recovery time, Microdiscectomy also termed as microscopic discectomy or microdecompression, is the newer, modern, minimally invasive procedure popularly adopted by orthopedic surgeons worldwide.

Microdiscectomy also termed as microscopic decompression, or spine replacement surgery involves a experienced spine surgeon removing diseased portion of the herniated disc to minimize pressure on the spinal nerve column. This procedure is highly successful and almost 84 percent of the patients have had positive results.

Arogyam Hospital specialises in treating spine related complex issues by analyzing a patient’s medical condition following which our expert doctors recommend a line of treatment including medical prescriptions or surgeries depending upon the intensity of the condition. While most of the spinal nerve ailments can be healed with medications, patients may be recommended to undergo a spine surgery to get rid of his pain and neurological weakness.

With state-of-the-art operative procedures and infrastructure, Arogyam Hospital is equipped with a well-functioning pre as well post-operative care facility in Nagpur. Our spine surgeons use special visualization tools and instruments that allow performing the surgery with small incisions that lead to less pain and quicker recovery time.

If you are experiencing spinal discomfort, consult our doctors to get immediate treatment.

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Dr. Ritesh Meghare

Is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with interest in Knee and hip replacement, he has exposure in treating trauma cases.