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Dental Care

We Protect Your Precious Smiles... We are Oral Hygiene Experts.

Mouth is a vital part of our body. Oral cavity not only contributes to good health but also beautifies appearance. It is the only medium of food intake naturally and therefore maintaining the health of the oral tissues becomes essential for a healthy lifestyle. Our prime motto is to protect your smile and make you feel confident.

We also treat dental deformities in the incidence of an accident for patients who face facial trauma.

Dental and oral care department at Arogyam Hospital is a well-equipped infrastructure that is focused on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of any irregularities related to gums, teeth, and other tissues of the mouth. With exceptional precision, we offer the following dental care services in Nagpur:

  • Endodontic (Root canal treatment)
  • Implants
  • Fixed Crown and Bridges
  • Dental Prophylaxis (Cleaning & Polishing)
  • Smile Designing
  • Restorative Procedures (Fillings)
  • Fracture Fixation
  • Pediatric Dental Procedures (Pulpotomy, Pulpectomy, Pit & Fissure Sealants)
  • Diastema Closure
  • Bite Guard Prosthesis
  • Preventive & Fixed Orthodontic Treatment
  • Extractions
  • Impaction

Arogyam Hospital is a reliable dental clinic in Nagpur that ensures minimally invasive dental procedures with highly effective results. Our expert Dr. Shilpi Umre is a well-trained, highly experienced surgeon, relieving patients of dental discomfort from the past 10 years.


Meet Our Specialists

Entrust your health to us, we will care for you.

Dr. Shilpi Umre

She passed her B.D.S from the prestigious Subharti Dental College Meerut in 2003.